Dependable Grading & Site Work

We'll Prepare Your Site for Project of Every Size

At North Central Excavating, Trucking, & Masonry Inc., we can take care of most residential and commercial grading and site work projects.

We've been providing excellent service for more than 50 years and have no plans of slowing down any time soon. We're a locally known and respected company, and we built that reputation on years of hard work and dependability.

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Our Grading & Site Work Services

  • Property clearing (shrub and stump removal)
  • Site grading (in preparation for construction)
  • Road construction (parking lots, private driveways, etc.)
  • Sidewalk installation/masonry flatwork

North Central Excavating, Trucking, & Masonry Inc.frequently partners with and highly recommends Mitten Timber Tree Service LLC.To contact this licensed and insured team, call 989-858-9332 or email!